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the next generation of parents.

A Newsletter for parents of kids ages 3-13

Parenting books are hard to commit to and are rarely finished. Personally, my in-ability to finish them created a sense of guilt like I was failing my kids because I couldn't consume a book or stay consistent with a podcast to keep growing.

The aim of this newsletter is to be different, simple and actionable.

  • One email a week
  • One lesson we learned
  • One thought from someone else much wiser than us

As of Summer 2022, all three of our children are 14 or older. We got pregnant in our early 20s and in many ways raised kids while we were still kids ourselves. Luckily, we were the beneficiaries of some great mentors around us in every season.

Why target the ages of 3-13? Because we experienced these years as the most opportunistic years a parent will ever have. From the questions your kids will ask, to the volume of time spent together, to the transitions they make, this decade is so powerful and full of parenting potential.

We've taken a lot of notes and learned a lot of hard lessons. I expect this little newsletter to shift and change over time, but for now we'll start small.

My wife and I are in NO WAY parenting experts and we never wanted to be, but we love being "Mom & Dad" together and want to pass on and serve the next generation of parents.

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Parenting: What We've Learned so far

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